PTP Spent Fuel Services, LLC provides services in seven main categories:

  1. Independent Spent Fuel Storage Pad Installation and Construction
  2. Licensing and Regulatory Compliance
  3. Quality Assurance and Control
  4. Engineering Services
  5. Project Management
  6. Fuel Handling, Sealing Casks, Transport to ISFSI.
  7. Long term future operations and maintenance of the ISFSI pad.


PTP Spent Fuel Services, LLC is part of an integrated group of companies whose mission is to provide:

  1. safe,
  2. regulatory compliant,
  3. efficient, and
  4. cost effective

facility decommissioning of nuclear power plants and former DOE facilities.

To date, approximately ten nuclear power plants have been either been decommissioned or are undergoing active decommissioning. PTP personnel have worked at eight of those ten facilities. The PTP Professional Team has more diverse decommissioning experience under one roof then any other firm in the industry.

PTP starts early in the decommissioning process and provides an integrated and comprehensive approach towards facility decommissioning:

  • Initial Facility Assessment
  • Regulatory Document Modifications, Preparations and Submissions
  • Independent Review/Analysis of Cask Designs
  • Management and Site Behavioral Change
  • Engineering, design and construction of ISFSI storage pads.
  • Development of Plans and Procedures for Handling the Spent Fuel Onsite
  • Testing of System Components and Equipment
  • Startup, Readiness Review, Internal and NRC ‘Dry Runs’
  • Integration and coordination with ‘Cold & Dark’ and decommissioning activities
  • Oversight Procedures and Integration
  • Implementation and Training of Field Staff
  • Execution of Transferring the Spent Fuel From the Pool, Proper Packaging and Closure of the Dry Casts
  • Onsite Transportation from the “Pool To The Pad”
  • Future long term ISFSI maintenance and operations.

PTP begins by working with the existing facility Board of Directors and Senior Management staff to help with instituting the managerial and behavioral changes necessary to bring about the ‘new age’ and start of decommissioning of a facility. The process starts with a full embrace of the fact that the facility will no longer be a living, operating facility that often provided security and longevity for careers, families, and the community. The behavioral transition is often emotional and tugs at the heartstrings of every person who built the facility and operated it over its lifetime.

The ‘new age’ path is one of realization that the facility will no longer live as a production entity, but will transition to an interim stage of being shut down and eventually transform into cold and dark and finally complete demolition.

PTP has found the most successful decommissioning projects are those whereby these cold hard facts are understood, accepted, and communicated to the craft and line management personnel who have labored so long for so many years in the living ‘production’ facility.

PTP works with existing onsite management, line management and craft personnel to integrate them into the decommissioning process if they so desire. PTP is respectful and cognizant of the “human factors” that such transitions bring to people’s lives, character, and well-being. Approaching the ‘Pool To Pad’ and decommission activities in a professional, dignified and respectful manner are the fundamental keys to success for any facility shutdown. PTP Management works with the Facilities Board of Directors and Senior Management to closely choreograph and implement the appropriate onsite behavior to insure a safe, compliant, and efficient project completion.

At the same that PTP is working towards removing the fuel into a safe and environmentally secure location onsite, the affiliated companies of PTP can be working on preparations of decontamination of the facility as well as transitioning to “cold and dark” and eventually dismantlement/demolition. This is effectively achieved by an integrated group of companies that can share resources, share a common goal, are familiar with the functional and logistical challenges raised by transitioning from live fuel, to stored fuel, to decontamination, to cold and dark, to dismantlement, to demolition and eventually site restoration.

There are efficiencies and economies of scale with diverse, experienced management teams all under one roof have the ability to integrate/facilitate work onsite for the customers and stakeholders benefit.

The bottom line is PTP Spent Fuel Services will get your job done. We are a group of long term nuclear industry insiders who are completely familiar with nuclear plant operations and are able to transform your Facilities to other beneficial uses while maintaining the work standards of Safety, Regulatory Compliance and Environment Stewardship.